LCM has spent the past 15 years assessing security and compliance requirements, the design and implementation of technologies, processes and policies followed by the training of staff, support and out-tasking of technology and processes. LCM was founded in 2001 focused exclusively on selling Security Products and Implementation Services.  We quickly evolved to build a managed services practice and adding a SIEM to manage the security infrastructure assisting our customers with daily, monthly and yearly processes to become and maintain a secure infrastructure.     


In 2004 LCM opened up in Atlanta, Georgia, replicating the Canadian product and Services offering. We quickly expanded and built our customer base in both countries focusing primarily on Government, Education and Retail customers. In 2004 we moved to Fortinet as our premium Security and Infrastructure partner and have built our expertise, which has enabled us to continually grow the business for the past 12 years.  


In 2011 LCM further expanded our Security and Compliance services by introducing an in-depth PCI Compliance Service offering that assists our customers from GAP through remediation to certification to post compliance monitoring, reporting and management.  Our services include: Gap analysis, process and policy development, remediation services (scope reduction through segmentation and addition of Security products and processes)  vulnerability management, pen-testing, monitoring and PCI reporting. We assist our customers to focus on Security first and Compliance as a by-product of the best Security practices.  


In 2015 by request of our customer base our Network and Security Infrastructure team added the VoIP solution from Fortinet. We selected Fortivoice from Fortinet because it meets the Security Requirements associated with PCI and provides one of the best ROI in the market.  In addition, the Fortivoice solution offers excellent functionality including advanced applications such as Call Centre.


In 2016 LCM finished its migration to Splunk as our core Security management platform.  Splunk has made a huge impact on our ability to monitor critical events and traffic. Splunk enables LCM and our customers to analyze Big Data to find the elements that introduce risk and impact performance of the network and infrastructure.  


LCM Security will continue to grow to meet our customers' requirements and we look forward expanding our customer base and our offerings.