Join LCM Security/Fortinet for a Webinar on FortiVoice VoIP Solution 

Join us for a webinar on how to implement a VoIP solution that offers the highest ROI in the industry. 

LCM has expanded on our 15 year relationship with Fortinet by adding FortiVoice, an extremely cost effective solution, to meet your Voice Over IP (VOIP) requirements.  This solution combines reduction in costs with the flexibility to run your business, remote locations and remote workers with improved business processes and  better employee and customer service.  LCM’s industry, security and network knowledge will assist you in designing a system that will work well with all your Network requirements. 

LCM Security would like to invite you to a Webinar on Wednesday July 13th at 10am EST. This webinar is hosted by Fortinet and will be discussing FortiVoice, Fortinet’s Telephone solution. Voice Over IP (VOIP) phone systems allow cost savings with an excellent ROI. Please join us on Wednesday as Phil Zenebisis with Fortinet discusses the benefits of FortiVoice.

To confirm your attendance please email us at and a confirming email and details will be mailed to you.

LCM Security Inc. Announces Move to Splunk

LCM has worked with Retailers across North America to implement, manage and monitor SIEM solutions as part of our overall proven Security processes.   We have migrated our monitoring, alerting and reporting processes to take advantage of the ability of Splunk to deal with the risk associated with Advanced Threats and critical information collected in Traffic logs. Splunk allows LCM to parse through Terabytes of Big Data and find the answers that will lower our customers' risk of a breach, deal with incidents quickly and find traffic patterns that impact performance and misuse of data accidentally or maliciously.  

LCM Partners with Control Gap to Provide Critical PCI Certification 

Most businesses today are faced with the reality of regulatory compliance and meeting the requirements can be a challenging process. In order to achieve and maintain compliance, businesses must ensure effective information security controls are in place to safeguard data stored, processed and transmitted within their environments and in the hands of their outsourced third-party service providers. LCM works with our clients to provide services that include Gap to Security Monitoring and all critical components to become and maintain compliance. Control Gap as an  experienced and certified experts on your side, provide PCI validation and certification advisory services to enable your company to realize and sustain compliance, successfully.  Control Gap works with LCM clients to validate the processes and provide the final certification. By streamlining the working relationship between Control Gap’s QSA and LCM’s team our customers realize both time and dollar savings.