Security and Compliance Monitoring

LCM Security’s proven methodology for keeping your perimeter and infrastructure secure allows you to focus on all the other important tasks required to keep your organization running with the peace of mind that your systems and network are being monitored by a qualified team of security engineers. Our daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly processes ensure that only the important items are brought to your attention, saving you time on having to investigate false positive events. 

LCM Security leverages Splunk® Enterprise as the security monitoring platform (SMP) to collect logs from all of your important assets. The solution can either be deployed on your premises or you can choose to deploy in the cloud at an LCM data center1. Regardless of your deployment preference, LCM Security’s team of analysts will have a constant view into all of the information being collected by the SMP. We will work with you to determine reporting intervals that work best for your organization and ensure you’re not swamped with reports but are only getting the information that is most important. Our analysts will continually monitor your systems in real-time and you will be alerted should anything suspicious be detected; at which point we will work with you to determine the right action plan.

LCM also recommends proactive quarterly vulnerability scans and annual penetration tests to ensure your systems are secured at all times.

We pride ourselves with having a very personable relationship with our customers and we guarantee that the information you receive from us will be presented in the context of your organization and with the greatest detail possible. This information will always be a companied by actionable remediation steps or recommendations. 

Your team will have access to all of the data collected by the SMP. This empowers your organization to do any analysis or investigate work yourself if you need to. User roles can be assigned to limit what each user has access to. The SMP is fully transparent, giving your organization access to all of the dashboards, views, reports, and other information that our security analysts have. If you have any questions during your own investigations, our team is always available to help you drill down to the information that you’re looking for. 

Protection daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and (semi) annually. LCM's Security and Compliance Monitoring Services include protection against: 

  • Virus Activity
  • Intrusions and Attacks
  • Denial of Service events
  • Failed Logons, Brute Forcing
  • Suspicious series of events
  • Traffic to malicious websites / IPs
  • Application usage and deviations from norm
  • Critical system events
  • Open relay / spam infections
  • Abnormal bandwidth usage and anomalies
  • Spikes in traffic to cloud storage
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly trends to detect events over prolonged periods of time (persistent threats)​
  • Rogue wireless activity 
  • Monthly review of all helpdesk activity to ensure issues are being followed up on, prioritized accordingly, and closed to customer satisfaction.
  • Quarterly Security Review meetings both at a management level as well as a technical level
  • In-depth view into events that occurred over the past quarter
  • Latest security news and how it relates to your environment
  • 15-month trending to track threats, growth, and understand trends/changes in environment
  • Semi-annual and annual assistance in compliance and audit requirements 

Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing 

You can rely on LCM Security to notify you of threats and looming or already manifested compromises, but don’t forget about being proactive! We can incorporate quarterly vulnerability scanning and annual penetration testing to ensure that even if your perimeter or endpoint security fails, an attacker will be limited to how much damage they can do. Let us inform you of where your holes are, assist you in patching them up, and allow you to enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your systems are secure!