VOIP Solutions 

​LCM’s VOIP implementation involves the introduction of Fortinet’s FortiVoice solution that includes phones, switches to replace older PoE and non-PoE switches, automated call routing, an administration and user portal, and an operating console to allow for manual answering and routing of calls. Fortinet’s bundle pricing provides all the functionality with no variable extension, or functionality  costing. The solution meets all security requirements, is highly redundant, includes local survivability and provides significant capacity  for future growth (up to 10,000 extensions with no additional costs). The Fortinet FortiVoice combined with LCM’s history of building  highly secure, multiple location networks and telephone systems will provide your business with a complete solution and a highly  qualified partner to assist you through the design, implementation, training and post implementation support. 

We at LCM and Fortinet know that in business, every call counts. So they've always loaded their phones and systems with powerful, flexible features that help companies sound professional and stay connected with customers, partners and suppliers. They also know that businesses are experts in what they do, not in running telephone systems. That's why they make all of their products easy to understand, easy to  use and easy to afford. FortiVoice IP PBX phone systems and phones are built to improve your image, control your costs and keep your business connected everywhere. Fortinet has sold more than 100,000 products, which answer millions of calls in offices around the world. 

Unbeatable Value 

Great systems, great value - compare the cost of FortiVoice to other systems and you'll see. But it's more than just our low cost of ownership. FortiVoice phone systems can also save your business money with fast ROI. 

Streamlined Voice Features 

Voicemail, auto attendants, dial-by-name directory, ring groups. And much more. FortiVoice comes complete with everything a business needs without expensive, overengineered frills. 

VoIP, traditional and digital phone lines 

Need Voice over IP? Multi-location integration? PRI connections? No problem. FortiVoice models handle VoIP and the traditional telephone network. With a FortiVoice system, you connect the way you choose. FortiVoice phone systems deliver the best of both worlds in one easy-to-use phone system. 

Connect Anywhere 

Your work doesn't stop at the walls of your office. Neither does FortiVoice. With Connect Anywhere extensions, you can add your cell phones or any other telephones, anywhere, as extensions of your system. FortiVoice uniquely connects your mobile and teleworkers. 

FortiVoice Enterprise 

FVE-100E, 300E-T-T/E, 500E-T2-T/E, 1000E, 1000E-T, 2000E-T2, 3000E and VM

The FortiVoice Enterprise IP PBX voice solutions give you total call control and sophisticated communication features for excellent  customer service and efficient employee collaboration. Powerful, affordable and simple, FortiVoice Enterprise systems deliver powerful  features and value to offices with up to 3,000 phone users. FortiVoice phone systems include everything you need to handle calls  professionally, control communication costs and stay connected everywhere.

Built in Fundamentals 

FortiVoice Enterprise systems include all the fundamentals of enterprise-class voice communications, with no additional licenses to buy or cards to install. Auto attendants, auto provisioning, line/extension appearance, ring groups, user privileges, call queue, call barge, multilocation integration and much more are built-in. FortiVoice systems are easy to purchase, easy to install and easy to manage, so you save the headaches that come with most enterprise phone systems

User Appeal 

Your people will like it too. The FortiVoice personal web portal lets your staff view their call logs, configure and manage their own messaging and access other features. Your employees get control over their phones, and your IT staff get a break from having to configure every little change.

Key Features and Benefits 

Multiple Line types

Support for PRI (T1/E1) digital lines, VoIP and traditional analog lines, depending on the model

   Multilocation Networking 

Integrates multiple locations, around the block or across the country with no long-distance charges. 

   Rich Call Features 

Line/extension appearance, call queue, call barge, phone profile, ring group, call recording, rule-based dial plan, individual/group voicemail, and much more.


Multiple mode scheduling, flexible number management, re-assignable extensions, and caller ID modification.

   Ease of Configuration 

Visual auto attendant config, built-in DHCP server, auto phone provisioning and web-based management and user web portal.

   Comprehensive System Monitoring 

Real-time call status monitoring, call statistics, call logs, and call reports, and network traffic capture.